February 14, 2024

My 4 February Favorites:

As February rolls in, I thought it’s the perfect time to share some of the things I found and loved in 2023 that I am bringing into the New Year with me. Let’s dive into a few of my momma approved favorite things, shall we?

1. Fitness Royalty: Coach Jill’s QIT Program 👑

Since September, I’ve been on an incredible fitness journey with Coach Jill. She’s the powerhouse behind the Queen in Training (QIT) program, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. I was able to fit her virtual program into my very busy daily routine and I know you can too. Regardless of how far postpartum you are (even 12 years like me!), her guidance is pure gold. Check out her amazing work here!

2. Work & Talk: Walking Pad

Currently strolling and typing away on my walking pad from Amazon. This nifty gadget has become my go-to for staying active while sending emails. It’s a game-changer in achieving my goal of hitting 10k steps daily. Trust me; it’s a life-saver especially during this chilly months! It goes up to 5mph so I can jog on it if I want to and it is super light and can be rolled away when not in use. You can check it out here. When I bought mine it was on sale for under $200.

3. Aura Meditations App 🌙

Ensuring a good night’s sleep is crucial for my well-being. That’s where the Aura app steps in. It’s my nightly companion for soothing sleep meditations. If you’re looking to enhance your sleep quality, give it a try! I am on a 41 day streak right now I love this app so much. It also has breath work, ASMR, work wellness meditations, and all types of other mental wellness resources. If you want to try it out you can click here and do a free 7 day trial.

4. Little Passports Meal Cooking Subscription 🍝

For Christmas, we gifted our kids a Little Passports meal cooking subscription, and it’s been a joy for the whole family. From pasta to homemade focaccia bread and delightful semifreddo for dessert, each kit is a culinary adventure. Plus, they get a cool cooking tool with every kit. Family bonding at its finest! Click here to get your own subscriptions started for your little ones!

February is all about embracing self-care and the things that bring us joy. I hope my favorites inspire you to add a touch of wellness to your life. Feel free to share your favorite finds too! Until next time, Hugs 💖

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