kristi gayton

Whether you are a parent looking for an outstanding newborn portrait experience or an aspiring photographer ... I wanna hold your hand! 

Newborn portrait photographer and business mentor 



client love

what they're sayin'

"The whole process was amazing from start to finish!"

 Kristi was knowledgeable about how to safely handle babies for photos. Our daughter was fussy at the beginning of the session but Kristi didn’t mind at all. She made it clear that she was fine to wait and comforted her. The turn around of the photos was quick and we loved every one of them.

davis family

"We had an absolutely amazing experience with Kristi!"

She was so patient with our little ones. Kristi was a delight and a complete professional. Her communication, response time, and delivery of the finished product was quick and efficient. Our babies were born early and she was so sweet and stayed in constant contact with me throughout and leading up to their scheduled photo session.
Kristi took the time needed to make both babies comfortable and got amazing photos.

Hatjakes family

"Kristi has a heart of gold!"

Working with our newborn, you could tell she has done this a lot and knows how to calm the babies down and mold them into the cutest little snuggle babies. She was so calm and gentle and was extremely patient, even when my little one didn’t want to fall asleep.

whitt family

"She is just so thoughtful and caring with everything she does which truly makes the experience so special."

Kristi is simply the best and she's amazing! What sets her apart is that she takes the time to get to know you and learn about you so she can capture the best images for you and your family. She also takes her time with each session and doesn't rush.
She is also extremely professional and prides herself on continuing her education.

kuklock family

"We were completely blown away by our photo shoot, pictures and our experience overall!"

 As new parents there's a degree of stress handing your child to someone else, but Kristi made us feel very comfortable. She took the time to ask us how we were doing and about our little one before we started our session. Kristi expertly handled calmed our baby when she started to fuss. Kristi was kind and patient and that put us at ease. The images are amazing and we are so grateful!

harper family

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