kristi gayton

i have a masters degree in education

I was born and raised in nevada

i met my fire hubby when he was on a call at my school

i am an INFJ on the Myers Briggs- I see you introverts! 

quick facts about me

I am a newborn portrait photographer, mentor, and memory keeper. Newborn photography is my passion and my specialty. I work out of my home studio and serve expecting parents by providing an outstanding portrait experience and capturing images that will stand the test of time. I am safety certified and accredited with APNPI and safety is my #1 priority during your session.

As a photography mentor, I combine my passion for photography and education by providing resources and personalized coaching to female entrepreneurs helping them build their confidence, find their secret sauce, and turn their dream job into their day job! 

i'm kristi

hey there!

Let's stay in touch... 

Outside of having the best job ever I am also blessed to be a fire wife and momma of two! Our son Declan is 9 years old. He is curious, determined, and affectionate. Our daughter Esme is 7. She is spirited, imaginative, and fearless. We also have a spoiled 11 year old yellow lab name Charlie and 3 year old terrier mix named Oliver. 

I couldn't believe how fast my babies went from newborns to full on kids! When I combined my love of photography with my love for babies I knew I was hooked! 

Why I do what I do.

Newborn Photographers

My favorite weekend activity

Strollin' through vintage shops- coffee in hand...

a hobby that i love

Brunch is a hobby- right? Mimosa anyone? 

my go-to vacation getaway

Lake days! Family, fun, and sunshine! 

things I enjoy




Fuzzy Socks

words to live by

"The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose.
Follow them."

Get to know me

The Fun Stuff

Trying to figure out what to tackle first when you are just starting out in a saturated photography market can feel like having a million tabs open in your brain all at once!
Don't hit the panic button just yet! Sometimes all you need is a friend to light a little fire under your bum! Hi! That's me!
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