February 1, 2024

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families with Young Children

Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love, offers families a chance to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. For families with young children, this day is an excellent canvas for expressing affection, whether exploring Northern Nevada or celebrating at home.

1. Family Game or Movie Night!

Kickstart your Valentine’s celebration with a Family Game or Movie Night. Gather the family for an enjoyable evening filled with snacks and drinks, and transform a large cardboard box into mini cars for a unique “drive-in” movie atmosphere.

2. Crafting or Baking Together

Get creative with your children through engaging in Crafts and Baking Together. Spend the day crafting Valentine’s Day-themed items such as heart-shaped cards, friendship bracelets, or decorating delicious cookies—activities that foster creativity and family togetherness.

3. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt!

Embark on a thrilling Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt. Hide treats or notes around your house or backyard, adding an element of excitement to the celebration.

4. Valentine’s Love Letters Exchange

Express your deepest feelings with a Love Letters Exchange. Write and exchange heartfelt letters with your spouse and children! Letters like these create treasured keepsakes capturing the essence of the day. Each year, I like to place a heart on my kiddos door each day in the month of February with a little note that shares something I love about them. Then, at the end of the month their doors are filled with hearts! It’s a simple yet beautiful way to share how much you care.

5. Family Photoshoot

Capture the joy of the day with a Family Photoshoot. Freeze those precious moments in time and create a lasting memento cherished for years.

*Bonus: Outdoor Adventure*

As a bonus, if weather permits, consider an Outdoor Adventure. Explore nearby parks like the Sierra Nevada, Truckee River, or nature trails, or visit a local museum or aquarium for a blend of entertainment and education—particularly appealing to young children.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the essence of Valentine’s Day lies in spending valuable time together as a family.

Thanks for reading! I’m Kristi, a momma of 2 and professional newborn photographer based in Reno NV. I specialize in capturing beautiful and timeless photos of newborns and their families. If you’re interested in scheduling a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me at kristigaytonphotography@gmail.com or visit my website at www.kristigaytonphotography.com I can’t wait to work with you and create beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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