December 1, 2023

Feature Friday: Meet the Lindner Family

Capturing Joyful Moments with Shyla, Brandon, Levi, and Luke During Two Newborn Sessions

I am thrilled to feature the Lindner family in this week’s edition of Feature Friday! Shyla, Brandon, Levi, and Luke have graced my studio not once, but twice, for the newborn sessions of their two adorable cowboy babes.

Shyla, the heart and soul of the family, shared with me a glimpse into their world:

“Becoming parents to our two rambunctious cowboy babes has filled my heart with so much joy and unconditional love. I cherish those special firsts – the first smiles, the tentative first steps, and the contagious belly laughs that melt my heart.”

As any parent knows, bedtime routines become sacred rituals filled with love and laughter. Shyla sheds light on their unique nightly tradition:

“One of our favorite nightly traditions is our special version of ‘snuggling’ with the boys before bed. My 3.5-year-old isn’t much of a cuddler, but he LOVES playing ‘Tickle Monster.’ Before bedtime, the house becomes a raucous wrestling ring as we chase each other around, tickling and laughing hysterically.”

It’s heartwarming to envision the Lindner household transformed into a laughter-filled arena, with the sounds of joy echoing through the halls. Shyla continues:

“Even our 7-month-old gets in on the fun, giggling uncontrollably as big brother gives him belly ‘raspberries’. The sounds of my boys’ laughter are the sweetest lullaby. While snuggles and bedtime stories are probably more traditional, our nightly tickle parties bond us together as a family and fill my heart with so much love. I wouldn’t trade these goofy, giggling memories for anything!”

I feel privileged to have been part of capturing these precious moments for the Lindner family. Join me in celebrating the joy, laughter, and unique traditions that make each family special.

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