June 5, 2023

Fun Places To Explore With Your Children In Reno, Nevada

Hey there, mama! Are you looking for some fun places to explore with your children in Reno, Nevada this Summer? I got you covered! As a fellow mom, I know how important it is to have some exciting and engaging activities for our little ones during the summer months. So, grab a snack, put on some sunscreen, get out of the house, and let’s go exploring!

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is a fun and interactive museum for children of all ages. From exploring the human body to learning about geology and engineering, this museum has it all. The best part? The museum offers a special area just for infants and toddlers, where they can crawl, climb, and play in a safe and engaging environment.

Animal Ark

Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary that houses a variety of rescued animals, including big cats, bears, and wolves. This unique attraction allows your little ones to observe and learn about these amazing creatures up close and personal. Animal Ark also offers guided tours, educational programs, and hands-on activities for children of all ages.

Idlewild Park

Idlewild Park is a great place for a family picnic, a game of frisbee, or just a leisurely stroll. The park features a playground, a duck pond, and a rose garden, as well as a train ride that takes you on a scenic tour of the park. Bring a blanket, pack some snacks, and enjoy a day in the great outdoors with your little ones.

The Discovery – E.L. Wiegand Discovery Museum

The Discovery – E.L. Wiegand Discovery Museum is another fun and interactive museum that offers a variety of exhibits and programs for children of all ages. Your little ones can explore space, learn about the human body, and even design their own inventions. The museum also features a special area just for infants and toddlers, where they can play and learn in a safe and engaging environment.

Sierra Safari Zoo

Sierra Safari Zoo is a smaller zoo that is perfect for a quick afternoon adventure. This zoo features a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, and zebras, as well as a petting zoo where your little ones can get up close and personal with some furry friends. The zoo also offers guided tours and educational programs for children of all ages. I hope this list gives you some ideas for fun and engaging activities to do with your little ones this summer in the Reno Tahoe area. Remember, it’s all about creating lasting memories with your family, so don’t forget to take lots of pictures and enjoy the moment!”

Local Libraries

Libraries hold a world of enchantment for young minds, providing a plethora of engaging experiences and opportunities for learning. From captivating storytime adventures and book exploration to creative activities and community connection, libraries offer a treasure trove of delights for children. During storytime adventures, little ones can immerse themselves in engaging sessions filled with interactive storytelling. They can also embark on book exploration, selecting their own books to borrow and enjoy at home. With craft sessions and educational programs designed for kids, creative activities are abundant. Moreover, libraries foster a sense of community connection, offering events that create a welcoming environment for families to belong and connect with others.

The “Baby Zoo” Experience: Visiting Pet Stores with Kids

For a memorable outing that’s sure to captivate the whole family, why not visit a local pet store? When my kids were young I referred to this as the “baby zoo,” these stores offer an array of furry friends and interactive moments that delight young explorers. Introduce your children to different types of animals and breeds, creating opportunities for learning about pet care, responsibilities, and compassion. Watch colorful fish glide through their aquatic paradise, cuddle with hamsters, listen to chirping birds, and experience the joy of encountering various fascinating creatures. These visits to the “baby zoo” are not only fun but also a chance to create cherished family memories filled with laughter and joy.

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