Hi! I'm Kristi! I left my teaching job and started my photography business in 2014 after my youngest was born because I wanted more freedom and flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my babies. In the beginning of my photography journey I spread myself too thin trying to photograph everything. I'm talking weddings, seniors, families, headshots, and everything in between. I even took a job photographing parts of a space satellite once (no joke) and ended up with even less time to do the things I loved than when I had been teaching.
Once I started photographing newborns I knew I had found my passion and dove head first into the niche determined to create a successful business without giving up family time. My kiddos are now 10 and 8 years old. Over the past 8 years I have learned how to create beautiful images for families, map out a client experience that allows me to run a thriving photography business, focus on my family, and ditch the hustle. I was able to more than double my income even though I was cutting out all non newborn sessions and I currently book out between 4 and 8 months in advance.
Once I had a system down I couldn’t wait to share it with other photographers ready to stop running around trying to do everything and lean into their passion. Now in addition to getting to spend my days photographing babies I also get to share what I have learned with other photographers ready to master the newborn niche and run a business that aligns with their lives. Let's do this thing!

need a little help navigating the newborn photography Niche? Welcome! 

I was a big fan of choose your own adventure books when I was a kid and working with me is a little bit like that... a totally customizable experience. Whether you are looking for one on one in person or online mentoring, easy to implement templates, or just want to head over to the podcast and get to know me better - I've got your back! 

Newborn Niche Toolbox

1:1 In Newborn Posing and Business Mentoring- in person

1:1 Virtual strategy session via zoom 


Work with me 1:1 via zoom to unlock your potential and get your questions about successfully niching in newborn photography. Nothing is off the table in these calls! These are available for a very limited time and there are only 5 spots open! 

ways to work with me

1. business Audit & Strategy sessions

There is nothing like hands on experience when it comes to learning how to run a successful newborn photography session. Come spend a day with me in the studio (Sparks, NV) where we will cover everything that goes into setting up for a session, posing and photographing baby, and take the time to focus in on specific steps you can implement in your new business to take things to the next level. 

2. in person one to one mentoring in my studio

Coming soon! Are you looking for all the business foundation insights to run a solid and seamless business without burning out?! This is the class for you! This self paced course will cover everything from setting up a solid business foundation to client workflow and business organization. Learn how I went from beginner to a sought after specialist in my area! 


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I'd love to hear more about you and your big dreams for your business! Want to set up a strategy call? Interested in in person mentoring? Have a suggestions for a podcast episode? Let me know here! 

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