kristi gayton

Relieved and organized! You will finally have an action plan to follow. No more fumbling through post it notes and to do lists wondering what to tackle first.

Like you have a new bestie- hey that's me friend! It feels good to have someone to brainstorm the challenges that come with being a business owner and even better to have someone to pop the bubbly with when you succeed- which you will! 

Confident! Once we are finished working together you will feel ready to move forward implementing the systems you have learned and shouting about your YOU-ness from the mountain tops! 

excited? Cuz I sure as heck am. working with me will leave feeling...

Let's Work Together!

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-Do you have a very specific question or area of concern? 
-Are there a few different business topics you would like to focus on?
Grab your biggest coffee mug and let's get down to business! For one full hour we will dive into whatever questions you have! 

Power Hour Call 

-Together we will create a customized 3 month plan for moving the needle in your business.
-Personalized support, a little tough love, and someone to pop the bubbly with when you start seeing results! 

1:1 Quarterly Coaching 

-It's all the things I wish I'd known and systems I wish I'd implemented when I first started my photography business.
-We will cover establishing yourself as a professional, work life balance, creating systems that save you time, client experience, and everything in between! 

KG Seamless Start Up Course