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Family Mini Sessions vs. Traditional Family Sessions: 5 Reasons to Switch

Before I started family mini sesssions I was torn on continuing to offer family photography at all.

While I love being with families, I specialize in newborn photography and didn’t want to create confusion about my niche or spend every weekend away from my own kids taking pictures.

Family mini sessions has been the perfect way to keep serving the families I love without extra stress.
family mini sessions are fun
  1. Family mini sessions are less stressful for anyone that isn’t comfortable being photographed. I have found that families with a camera shy family member (like me) or a reluctant Dad they appreciate photos being over with in a snap!

2. Time is valuable! Life is busy especially if you are a parent. Mini sessions allow both the photographer and the family to get in and out without the hassle of rearranging an entire day. I love being able to pick a weekend for family mini sessions and let my families sign up for the time slot that works best for them. It prevents me from working every weekend so I can keep my focus on my speciality- newborns!

family mini sessions are great for kids with short attention spans

3. Kids have short attention spans! Some adults have short attention spans too! A shorter session means less bribing, whining, and begging for cheese faces. 

family mini of sessions allow me to have more fun with my clients and get outside

4. Fun! These short little sessions are fun. You can keep everyone engaged the whole time moving from one thing to the next. For the kids there is a lot of running, peeking, hiding, jumping, spinning, etc. This feels like playing instead of posing. I also suggest doing most mini sessions outside so families can get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

family mini sessions are a quick and easy way to update family photos

5. No fluff!  Most families like to update their family photos a couple of times a year and don’t need a ton of images. We can easily get the photos our clients will love during a 15-30 minutes session. My galleries include around 15-20 images to sort through and 5 high resolution digitals are included in the mini price with the option to purchase additional files, products, prints, etc.

kristi gayton photography in reno nevada offers family mini sessions

Bonus: One of my dearest clients was texting with her hubby about booking a mini session and when he found out that meant it was only 20 minutes long he responded with :

“BOOK IT! Our kids are maniacs! We can dress them up and get it done without getting their clothes wrecked!”  

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