January 20, 2021

Deciding What to Outsource to Grow Your Photography Business:

Any other control freaks out there?! I see you slowly raising your hand and I feel your pain! You want it done AND you want it done right!

It’s time to let go and outsource to grow your photography business. Letting go can quickly bring you more time, more clients, and more income.

If you are just starting out in photography and feel like you can’t afford to outsource be sure to read to the end. Spoiler alert… you can’t afford not to outsource!

Signs you need to outsource:

1. When it comes to balancing work and play you feel like a drunk clown on a high wire.

2. Creativity is taking a backseat in your business.

3. You feel overwhelmed when you look at your calendar and underwhelmed when you look at your bank account.

4. The same tasks sit at the bottom of your to-do list. Those babies are evergreen! They may never get checked off at this rate!

Two Types Of Tasks You Can Outsource:

Household tasks are all the things you do to keep your home and family life in order. Business tasks are all the things that you do to keep your photography business running smoothly.

Take a look at the lists below and then I’ll break down choosing the tasks that make the most sense to outsource.

Household Tasks to Outsource
  • Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking/Meal Delivery
  • Childcare
Business Tasks to Outsource
  • Book keeping/ taxes
  • virtual assistant
  • culling, editing, album design
  • Website SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management

So, how do you decide which tasks to outsource?

1. Consider the amount of time the task takes you!

If you spend 4 hours every 2 weeks cleaning your house you may want to outsource that task freeing you up an extra 8 hours a month to rock your photography business.

Time sucking tasks are taking you out of your creative zone and don’t give you the time you need to build your business. I was spending around 4 hours per newborn session on editing. Eventually I got smart and hired an editor. We worked together until she had my editing style mastered. Now I can dedicate those long hours to tasks that help me book more clients.

2. The Cringe Test

Look through the list and see which items make you cringe. If the thought of planning out your social media for the month sounds like pure torture find someone who is an expert to take it over for you.

My personal cringe item is bookkeeping. When it comes to numbers I find myself yawning and my eyes kind of glaze over. I am finally outsourcing this task and use the time I once spent staring at a spreadsheet dreaming up my quarterly business goals and planning out shoots that feed my creativity. So much more rewarding!

More deets on setting those quarterly goals in a future post!

3. Ask yourself if someone else can do it with better results.

There are some things within out businesses that we need to do ourselves. Taking portraits for example is a task that wouldn’t make sense for most photographers to outsource. We are the face behind our brand and we need to be the one with the camera in our hands creating magic for our clients. Most other tasks however can be outsourced we just have a hard time letting go.

For a long time I convinced myself that I couldn’t give up my editing because only I could make my images look exactly right. Now I look back and can’t believe the hours I spent killing my back bent over a computer. I still do some of my own editing but the bulk of my images get sent out to an expert! She worked with me until I felt like she had nailed my style and (shhhh don’t tell anyone but I realized I really needed that help)

If you are looking for a photo editor go check out Photographer’s Edit and get 1/2 off your first editing project of $20 or more.

Pro Tip: If you are only going to choose 1 item to outsource pick the one that is going to create the most growth in your business!

what if I can't afford to outsource in my photography business

What if I’m not sure I can afford to outsource?

If you are just starting out in photography you may feel like outsourcing isn’t an option because of cost. Here are some ideas for outsourcing without increasing your budget.

  • Offset the cost of outsourcing by increasing your prices the amount you will be charged for the work. If you would like to outsource your editing and your editor quotes you $125 per session raise your session price by $125.
  • Ask for help. I have found that even though this is one of the easiest ways to outsource it’s the least frequently used. As independent women it is seriously hard to admit when we need help! Here’s the thing though- you can’t do it all on your own- end of story. This might mean asking your partner, neighbor, in-laws, etc. if they can pick the kiddos up from school one day and entertain them for a couple hours while you get some work done.
  • Adjust your budget. Once you know what you need to outsource find the money in your budget. It might be time make your own coffee at home or take a list with you when go to target and actually stick to it! Okay totally kidding about that last part but I’m sure you can find a place to make the sacrifice 😉
  • Outsource to a system rather than a person! There are so many tools available that allow you to created automated processes and save time without a big price tag. To read about my favorite tools for streamlining my business click here.

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Hi! I’m Kristi Gayton! Nice to virtually meet you! I am a photographer (specializing in newborn portrait photography) and mentor for new and aspiring female photographers. Helping photographers build their confidence, implement time saving systems, and create unforgettable client experiences is my jam! Looking forward to working with you too!

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