January 15, 2021

Streamline Your Photography Business Using these 4 tools

I am sharing 4 of my favorite tools to help you streamline your photography business and stay organized.

Utilizing the right tools in your business is a game changer! The right tools will save you time and make you money. Who doesn’t want that? Am I right?

streamline your photography business with these tools

So, what exactly does it mean to streamline your business?

Streamline: make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

I am all about fast and simple!

In my own business streamlining and being organized means…

-even when I am camping with my family or browsing through a vintage shop my business is still running behind the scenes. I work my tail off when it is time to work but I also guard my time with my family like a momma bear!

use a crm to streamline your photography business

If you aren’t currently implementing systems that streamline your photography business you are essentially telling me that you can do it ALL without any help. This is simply not true.

Ready … Steady… Here we go!

1. Honeybook

I am always surprised when the photographers I mentor tell me that they don’t use a CRM (client relationship management) software. If you aren’t using a CRM yet you need Honeybook in your life! I have found it to have the most features for the price and it is very user friendly!

With Honeybook you can create a customized workflows with automated emails, contracts, invoices, and more. Honeybook is taking care of my clients as soon as they send an inquiry. My website contact form is even created through Honeybook. After inquiry I add each client to the workflow they belong in and they get automated emails delivered from the time they book with me all the way up until their session without me having to do a thing! SCORE!

You can even have set tasks for each workflow so you never forget to send out client gifts or any other personal touch that makes your client experience unique! If you would like to try Honeybook I am extending a crazy good referral code. You can get 50% off (nope that is not a typo) your first year by clicking here!

2. Trello

I love a good to-do list! Trello helps me streamline my business tasks all in one place. I use to have to-lists everywhere! Post it notes on my desk and the bathroom mirror, tasks scribbled in the margin of my planner, notes on the app in my phone, reminders scrawled on the back of a bill. It was insanity and I’m never going back! All those lists made me feel seriously overwhelmed. There was no method to the madness so I didn’t even know where to begin with checking things off.

Introducing … Trello! This is a list lovers dream land. I keep track of all my projects, goals, lists, items for batchwork, blog post ideas…. and on and on! Literally every blog post idea, task, and goal I have goes in Trello!

Like most people, I almost always have my phone with me and there is an app for Trello as well so as soon as I think of a task it goes right on the corresponding list. I have one board for “home” lists and projects and one for “photography” where all my business tasks live.

I use the free version of Trello and it has everything I need- this is a must have for a more organized business and life! Click here to get started!

3. Tailwind

We all know how important it is to have a presence on social media but that doesn’t make it easy or convenient. Who doesn’t want to spend more time living in the moment and less time staring at a devices? Tailwind allows me to schedule my IG posts and stories in advance for both of my social media accounts! You can even schedule Pinterest pins using this tool.

Click here to start getting ahead and showing up on social media using Tailwind.

4. Flodesk

First I must ask “Do you have a newsletter?” If not … “Why?!” Let’s imagine for a moment your Instagram page vanished tomorrow or your website crashed? I know! That was a scary thought- right?! BUT if you have an email list you will still have a way to reach out to clients. In fact I would argue that an email list is a much more affective way of reaching clients than social media. The last time I checked, the stats said that only about 10% or less of your followers will actually see your posts! YIKES! That makes it really hard to stand out!

Flodesk is an email marketing service that allows you to create and organize mailing lists, newsletters, and newsletter workflows so that you can serve your clients in a place where they will never miss the information- their email inbox! My favorite part is that their email templates are seriously gorgeous and can be customized to match your brand!

When someone signs up to be on your mailing list they are inviting you to contact them directly and there is a 100% chance they will see your message because they asked for the information. This also means they already see value in the service you provide! Bonus!

To get 50% off your Flodesk membership click here!

I cannot wait to hear how implementing some of these systems helps you streamline your photography business!

If you are a photographer looking for more resources and tips on running an organized business click here.

Kristi Gayton is a newborn portrait photographer and mentors photographers in the beginning stages of launching and growing their own newborn photography businesses.

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